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Chateau Chalon
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Château Chalon

The France Comté Region
The Department of the JURA (39)
Postal Code 39210
Population : 165 Inhabitants
Surface : 1400 Hectares
Altitude : 435 meters


Saint Vincent, Patron des vignerons














Eglise saint Pierre Chateau Chalon
Saint Pierre Church Chateau Chalon



Saint Pierre Church - Sacred Treasure Chateau Chalon

Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France , Château Chalon has remained picturesque.

Situated on a rocky slope like a watch keeper, dominating the Baume les Messieurs Valley and Bresse, the village has a magnificent view to the Beaune coast that changes with the seasons but which remains breathtaking. This ancient abbey site will amaze you with the quality of its architecture. Its panoramic views which dominate one of the most famous wine regions of France ("Yellow Wine" - vin jaune ) will inspire you to go for a stroll and explore.

The remains of a chateau and of an abbey adjacent to the 12th century Saint-Pierre church, a jewel of Roman art attesting to the presence of an monastic community.

Discover the prestigious wine region of « Yellow » wine (Vins Jaunes)

Château-Chalon is also the name of one of 6 AOC
( Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée ) in the Jura. This small acreage of 50 hectares is the realm of the prestigious Vin Jaune, this golden wine which is the pride of the entire region.

« Yellow Wine » is made from the harvesting of the " Savagnin " grape variety and then is aged in oak barrels for 6 years. It is a dry wine that ages well, rich in alcohol, very spicy and very aromatic.


The Vagne Cheesemaker

In the heart of the village of Chateau Chalon , behind the fountain, the old cottage is now the home of the VAGNE cheese maker. You may visit and discover the secrets of creating and aging Comté cheese, then taste the best cheeses from the Fruitières cheesemakers of the Jura and the Doubs , aged in the cellars of the Vagne house in Poligny .

Comté, Morbier, Bleu de Gex, raw milk Raclette and Mont d'Or cheeses are sold to the public in season.

The cottage is open every day from 11am-12:30pm and from 2pm-7pm
30-minute Guided Visit with Tasting:
Adult - 3.50 €
Free for children under 16
Please reserve in advance for groups of 20 people or

Fructeries VAGNE, rue Saint Jean , le chalet 39210 Chateau-Chalon
Tel. 03 84 44 92 25

Old-Time School

Here, you enter into recent history, that of the "community" of our forbearers. Upon entering this school, set up as it was in 1928, you gaze around before sitting down to sign the writing book with a phrase or a design, as your imagination inspires you. Better than a museum: it's an emotional moment!



The Saint Pierre Church

The 12th century Saint-Pierre church is classified as an historical monument.
This cathedral has a mixture of Roman and Gothic art giving it an original character and a special atmosphere, with a lava stone roof. This small vessel without a transept conserves a treasure of religious silver and statues (16th century Wood Polychrome Statue "Pietà", 17th century Hunting-reliquary and its pedestal, silverworks, cruet, vermillion, 17th century, etc.).

Sacred Art

An early 15th century "Christ in cross" wood statue traced from the coast, the large perizonium (line around the waist) and the arched legs are elements of older models.

Mural Painting
Tableau:"Notre-Dame Liberation before Chateau-Chalon" attributed to Philippe RICHARD, a Comtois painter, active during the first half of the 16th century, with views of the background of the fortified village and of the entrance to the Abbey where one notices the Abbatial Church .

Daily Visits:

Contact Mairie Tel. 03 84 41 42 62
July - August:
Commented visits
From Monday to Friday
9am-12noon and 2pm-5pm